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Dancing Your Lunch Away

April 21, 2012
Dee Jones
Employee Help Source
Forum – Global Moderator
April 21, 2012
Looking for a way to spice up your lunch hour?  Well, here’s one idea.  USA today reports that in Stockholm, Sweden, workers are dancing their ...

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Break Times for Nursing Mothers

March 19, 2012
Break Time For Nursing Mothers
Dee Jones, Global Moderator, EHS Forum
March 19, 2012
Recently, I was asked by a nursing mother whether or not her employer was required to provide a space for her to pump.  She said when she asked her ...

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Ever wonder what the legal requirements are for breaks and lunches? Here's the facts.

January 4, 2012
Federal Law for Employee Breaks
By Frances Burks, eHow Contributor
updated February 15, 2011
Employee breaks are largely regulated by state governments rather than by the federal government, and some states don't regulate employee ...

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Watch What You Say in the Lunchroom!

July 21, 2011
The Corporate Spy Ring or Watch What You Say in the Lunchroom!
By: Karen Keller | Posted: Jul 20, 2011
Working in the corporate world, women put up with the commute, the dress code, the hierarchy, the intense work, and sometimes the long hours. But what ...

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Results Only Work Policies

May 1, 2011
Employee-Friendly Office Cultures Improve Retainment
Today’s economy isn’t just frustrating for those without jobs – limited budgets can do a number on employed workers’ morale as well. Exemplary employees might not be awarded ...

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Master Career Networking

March 19, 2011
Career Advice – Spotlight On Networking
by: Diarmuid Haughian
If there’s ever a career advice topic that strikes fear into the heart of job seekers, it’s networking. Really, who wants to get all dressed up ...

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Strange Things Overheard in the Office

February 23, 2011
What they teach us about work etiquette
by Anthony Balderrama, PrimeCB.com writer
Children are loud and uninhibited. It’s in their nature — they’re supposed to be rambunctious and noisy (to a point). A child can be sitting two feet ...

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Positively Passionate People

January 4, 2011
True passion is one of the most powerful feelings one may feel in their lifetime. One can become so passionate about something that they feel they would die for it (and sometimes do.) It may be one of the most powerful of all human emotions. Passion ...

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Inappropriate behavior on lunch caught on camera

December 20, 2010

The youtube video is related to this article found on Leader-Post.com.
Boozing Chrysler workers told to hit the road
By Grace Macaluso, Windsor Star September 28, 2010 Comments (7)
Photos ( 1 )
This screen ...

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Fired for smoking outside of work

October 27, 2010
By Jonathan Saltzman
Globe Staff / August 8, 2009
Scott Rodrigues had been working as a lawn-care employee for The Scotts Co. for only ...

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October 27, 2010
Careers have been made and destroyed by situations that occur outside of the office. These opportunities to socialize outside of the formal office setting can be opportunities to develop and gain supportive associates or negatively impact your corporate ...

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